Friday, May 25, 2007

Alien Dating Tips

I recently had a very pleasant first date, the first in a while. I was retelling the date (no, not like that) to my coworkers in the production office, and was getting big stares from both the men and women. Either I'm very old-fashioned or they've never had a good date.

Here are some tips, folks - mostly aimed at men, but a few for women as well. The tips below apply to GLTDs as well as breeders.

1. Don't forget to call the next day.
2. Flowers are good and always appreciated.
3. Yes, you should pay. But don't make a big deal about it. It's just a nice thing to do.
4. Make at least one decision during the date - being flexible is good, but so is being decisive.
5. Listen and make mental notes; you will be tested on your recall later.
6. Don't talk excessively about ex-girlfriends/spouses/flings/etc.
6a. For that matter, don't talk excessively.
7. Say yes to shaving and dressing up.

1. When your date doesn't call right away, it doesn't usually mean anything significant. We just suck at calling.
2. Don't assume your date is a jerk before he acts like one. I understand this sentiment - after enough bad dates it's tempting to think defensively.
3. Don't talk excessively about ex-boyfriends/spouses/flings/etc.

Took a break from "Moby Dick" to read Bill Moyer's "World of Ideas II." It's a compendium of interviews from his late, great show interviewing artists, scientists, writers, etc on important topics. If you can catch this on DVD, you should. What's interesting is that the volume I'm reading was published in 1991 - but most of the issues that he's bringing up are still with us, both the good and the bad.

Go watch "Dead Like Me." Great series, cruelly cancelled by Showtime in its prime. I've been hearing about it for a couple of years, and finally started renting it on DVD. The main character is a reaper - someone who takes souls from their bodies just before death, and guides them into the afterlife. She and the other reapers are all souls that aren't ready to go on yet, so they "volunteer" until they collect enough souls.

Sounds gloomy, right? It's wonderfully funny and poignant. Even the deaths.

All right, until next time.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Egads It's May Already

I can't quite believe it. It seems like only a month ago that I moved out and started my new life. But it's actually been more like 9 months.

Somehow all that time went by and yet it feels like I'm still waiting to breathe out. Sure, I accomplished a few things, but I still feel like things are just starting to happen. You know, in my life.

I got my learner's permit a couple of weeks ago. It's a long story but my original one was under my father's name (I've since taken my stepfather's name), so it was a big mess for a long time, having my birth certificate say one thing while all my other ID said something else. So I just put it off... until a few weeks ago, when I was in a fit of underemployment. Now for the driving test. That shouldnt' be a problem. I drove for years without a license (when I first starting PAing, I was so afraid of losing my job if I told them I couldn't drive, I just said okay). Talk about stupid.

My divorce is finalized, once I fork over some more money to the lawyer, and sign the last of the paperwork. My ex and I were talking about having a divorce party. Meanwhile, my friends are all on the other end of the spectrum - having their first kids, first houses, etc. I was the second of my circle of college friends to get married, and the third to get divorced. I suppose this could set a pattern (I hope not; my friends seem truly happy).

Oh, and I might be getting a television job. Five months of steady pay, semi-normal hours, and one place to report to every day. I've been freelancing for so long (eight years, with only one permanent stint in there that lasted 9 months until I had to choose between quitting and killing my boss) that the idea of settling down for any stretch longer than a couple of months scares me. But in five months at these rates, I could pay off most of my debt, have a semi-normal life, even write more than I do now.

Maybe I'm finally growing up. I hope not :)