Saturday, May 05, 2007

Egads It's May Already

I can't quite believe it. It seems like only a month ago that I moved out and started my new life. But it's actually been more like 9 months.

Somehow all that time went by and yet it feels like I'm still waiting to breathe out. Sure, I accomplished a few things, but I still feel like things are just starting to happen. You know, in my life.

I got my learner's permit a couple of weeks ago. It's a long story but my original one was under my father's name (I've since taken my stepfather's name), so it was a big mess for a long time, having my birth certificate say one thing while all my other ID said something else. So I just put it off... until a few weeks ago, when I was in a fit of underemployment. Now for the driving test. That shouldnt' be a problem. I drove for years without a license (when I first starting PAing, I was so afraid of losing my job if I told them I couldn't drive, I just said okay). Talk about stupid.

My divorce is finalized, once I fork over some more money to the lawyer, and sign the last of the paperwork. My ex and I were talking about having a divorce party. Meanwhile, my friends are all on the other end of the spectrum - having their first kids, first houses, etc. I was the second of my circle of college friends to get married, and the third to get divorced. I suppose this could set a pattern (I hope not; my friends seem truly happy).

Oh, and I might be getting a television job. Five months of steady pay, semi-normal hours, and one place to report to every day. I've been freelancing for so long (eight years, with only one permanent stint in there that lasted 9 months until I had to choose between quitting and killing my boss) that the idea of settling down for any stretch longer than a couple of months scares me. But in five months at these rates, I could pay off most of my debt, have a semi-normal life, even write more than I do now.

Maybe I'm finally growing up. I hope not :)


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