Monday, January 08, 2007

2007 Resolutions For Indie Filmmakers

Happy merry 2007 to all of you. I've compiled a list of resolutions that I hope and pray we will all be able to follow this year.

(1) Stop using the phrase "award-winning" in job postings, usually in conjunction with free jobs. If the director or producer has won awards and is such hot stuff, why is s/he still asking me to work for free. If the ad doesn't mention the name of the award, I'm even less impressed.

(2) Pay your crew & cast to work on your projects. I realize this isn't always possible, but a good goal to set nonetheless.

(3) Don't go into production hoping to put everything on credit. Production requires cash, and lots of it.

(4) Work out your post workflow before going into production.

(5) Stop whining about how video doesn't look like film. It's not supposed to. Talking movies didn't sound like silent ones, color movies didn't look like b&w, CGI didn't look like optical effects. Every time a new technology enters the picture, something is lost... and something is also gained. The important thing is that it's now cheaper than ever to tell your story.

(6) Stop hiring production design crew at the last possible second. These poor souls get beaten up on every production I've been on this year, because they end up working 'round the clock to make up for inadequate #s of prep days, too small a team, etc. You bring your DP on early enough, why not your production designer?

(7) Production designers, stop letting yourselves get exploited as per #6 above. Learn to say "no" and get some sleep.

(8) Break the "stars" mentality. I've seen some great films at festivals this year that will probably never get distribution because they have no "name" actors in them. These films would do really well somewhere (on cable, in limited release, etc.) One way to help is to vote with your wallet: see movies without name actors in them in those rare times when they come out theatrically. Watch direct-to-video releases (some of them are much better than their theatrical counterparts).

(9) Stay calm on set at all times, even if everything's on fire.

(10) Make your short/feature/pilot/doc/whatever already. Maybe you've got rescale your ambitions to match your wallet. Maybe it won't turn out exactly how you envisioned it. Remember when you were a kid and you just decided to do something and "just did it?" Have a little faith - you can't wait for the stars to line up perfectly.

(11) Enjoy your work. You're working in a field most people dream about being involved in. There's lots worse things to do in life.

Okay, that's it. Have a great 2007! Let's make some movies!


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