Monday, February 05, 2007

Production Fatigue

So the reason you haven't seen an update in a couple of weeks (or if you know me personally, haven't heard from me at all in a couple of weeks) is that I'm working on another indie feature.
This one has a great script, great group of people, and looks really good so far.

But it's becoming more and more difficult to work on. Hard to say why, and I don't want to really go into it. But it's days like these that I wonder why the hell I got into the production department.

A part of me is a classic messy-artist-type: I'm not great at filing things, and have automated all my bill paying so I don't run into late fees (which I used to constantly). When I'm working on a project, I tend to let other things fall by the wayside.

On the other hand, I'm capable of being very organized, even anal. So I get hired to keep other people organized while they're being messy artist-types. That's pretty much film production in a nutshell - the messy folks getting enough crayons from the organized ones so they can finish the drawing, without emptying out the whole box.

So how did I get from being one of the messy ones to being one of the grownups? I never wanted to grow up. I still don't.


Blogger Rob Toth said...

Stay sane! And, as Uncle Floyd said, be sure to keep your head warm.

8:38 AM  

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